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  • 2018-05-09
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About Montana Fishing

Updated for 2018 with recent regulations!

Our goal with Montana Fishing is simple: to give you an easy-to-use, all-in-one, no-connection-needed, guide to fishing in Montana. Period.

We designed our application to be intuitive.—We wish you to spend your time fishing, not learning how to use our app.

We designed our application to work offline.—We know that you’ll be out on the water when you’re fishing (well duh!). In Montana, that often means you won’t have cellular service, much less WiFi. So almost each aspect of Montana Fishing works regardless if the nearest cell turret is Three counties away (and our counties are big!). The base map you need comes with the application and your current GPS space is always available. Just download Montana Fishing and go fishing; we’ve taken care of the rest. (The 1 item that requires a connection is the live USGS stream flow data, so if you know you won’t have cell or WiFi connectivity, tap on the gages before you go to see how water levels are looking.)

We understand the critical info you need.—The single biggest problems for Montana fishermen—OK, separate from know where that secret fishing hole is!—is knowing where fishing accesses are located and what regulations apply. We are laser focused on providing you the most up to date info available. Montana Fishing allows you to use the GPS on your phone or mobile device to see exactly where you are relative to the stream, lake, or river’s put-in or take-out. And of course we provide mapping info for those times when your question is the simplest of all: “Where the heck am I?!”

We don’t wish to nickel & dime you or complicate your life.—Don’t you hate it when apps ask you to buy something else? Didn’t we just buy the application for goodness sakes?! And we surely don’t wish to complicate matters by making you decide which of tons of possible maps you need to buy. That is a nice option for a cartographer, but for most of us it’s just plain confusing. All those options leave us wondering which map do I buy?; What’s the difference between them?; Am I going to waste cash when I realize I purchased a map I didn’t really want? When you buy Montana Fishing, we contain what you need for this year’s fishing in Montana—no separate purchases needed or requested.

New Features: - Updated Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Fishing Access Site links to match latest for 2018.<br>- Updated Montana Fishing Regulations for 2018 !!!!<br>- Updated icons in drawer and profile screen.

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